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5 Reasons I love warm weather…

Well, I am listing some reasons why I love warm weather. Maybe, you have the same reasons or not. But, if you have other reasons please make sure to share with me in the comments section.

The reasons I love warm weather are because…

  1. I can simplify my wardrobe. ( I don’t have to use layers of clothing to make sure I am comfortable. I don’t have to buy or put on a coat that can, sometimes, be too heavy.)
  2. I can go for a walk or work out outside and do not have to worry about being slippery or too cold to be outside and/or not be wearing the correct outfit for working out/enjoying the outdoors.
  3. I can do gardening. (Even, if I only plant some herbs, it gives me joy to see how it grows. Also, knowing that I can grow some of my own food, makes me feel good.)
  4. I can soak up all the sun I need to make me happy. (I don’t really need to know why but, sunny days makes me happy. Even, when the it is winter.)
  5. I can also simplify my meals by making salads and other cold meals and/or drinks.

Notice I didn’t say summer!

I said warm weather. To me, warm weather is between 70F to 83F, warmer than that can be a little too much for me. But, I can’t predict the weather so I enjoy as much as I can when Spring comes around.

What about you?

Which season do you enjoy the most? And, why?

Thank you for reading. Please share your answers in the comments below.

Sara S.

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Snowy Sunday

Courtyard at one of the buildings at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, New York.

Can you tell me to which building this courtyard belongs to?

Share in the comments.

Overlooking the parking lot in front of one of a building at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, New York.

On our way home from Syracuse through Auburn this past Sunday.

Road trip is what we do when hubby can’t work outside or play in the snow. 😜

I know it may be too late to ask about your weekend. But, how was YOUR weekend?

Share with me in the comments.


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Moving to the States

I was born in Peru and moved to the United States in 2006. When I moved to the States, I left everything I knew behind to start my life all over again. I left my job, friends, and part of my family that still live in Peru, my brothers. I grew up with four brothers that were overprotective, my parents, and my sister, who moved to the States when I was 10 years old. For the most part, I had a regular childhood with some highs and lows, like any other family.

When I attended my second interview with the US consul in Lima, Peru back in April 2006, I was not expecting to receive my passport with the red sticker. The red sticker was, and it still is for some people, like winning the lottery. It meant you met the requirements to come to the United States. You never know who gets it. People can bring all the paperwork needed to apply for a visa and get denied. Some people may not even be prepared or may not speak the language and obtain the visa, regardless.

However, once I got home I realized I will have to leave everything that I work hard to get,to that point, and start my life again in a country I knew nothing about, except for the language, which I have never practice while living in Peru. Although, I was happy I was going to be able to see my sister and parents, who were living with my sister for a couple of years, I have other emotions kicking in. I knew I would have a better future here in the States, however, I was not sure how I was going to get my independence once settled in this country.

Once my plane landed in La Guardia Airport, my heart felt mixed emotions. I was happy to finally reunite with my sister and my parents, but I felt sad I left my brothers behind. They had been looking for an opportunity like this and they had never gotten the chance to receive the visa. One of the things I miss the most is Peruvian Cuisine.

No matter how hard you try to compare Peruvian food prepared here in the States with the one in Peru, the taste is not the same. It is always missing something very important. However, I have adjusted to the culture, food, and customs of the States. I have also improved my English vocabulary and my accent is going away.

I am so thankful for my family support, especially, for my husband, who supported me and encourage me to finish school.

Have you been forced to make changes in your life?

Probably, not as big as the one I did, but do you feel that there are some things in your life that have changed drastically? If so, do you want to share it in the comments?