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5 Reasons I love warm weather…

Well, I am listing some reasons why I love warm weather. Maybe, you have the same reasons or not. But, if you have other reasons please make sure to share with me in the comments section.

The reasons I love warm weather are because…

  1. I can simplify my wardrobe. ( I don’t have to use layers of clothing to make sure I am comfortable. I don’t have to buy or put on a coat that can, sometimes, be too heavy.)
  2. I can go for a walk or work out outside and do not have to worry about being slippery or too cold to be outside and/or not be wearing the correct outfit for working out/enjoying the outdoors.
  3. I can do gardening. (Even, if I only plant some herbs, it gives me joy to see how it grows. Also, knowing that I can grow some of my own food, makes me feel good.)
  4. I can soak up all the sun I need to make me happy. (I don’t really need to know why but, sunny days makes me happy. Even, when the it is winter.)
  5. I can also simplify my meals by making salads and other cold meals and/or drinks.

Notice I didn’t say summer!

I said warm weather. To me, warm weather is between 70F to 83F, warmer than that can be a little too much for me. But, I can’t predict the weather so I enjoy as much as I can when Spring comes around.

What about you?

Which season do you enjoy the most? And, why?

Thank you for reading. Please share your answers in the comments below.

Sara S.